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RadeonPro is a new tool to automate the 3D settings (AA/AF/Vsync/Catalyst AI/etc.) based on game being started, I think it's very annoying dealing with CCC profiles and shortcuts, not to mention that settings won't be restored after the game is ended.

The idea is pretty straightforward: You configure all 3D settings (AA/AF/Catalyst AI/etc.) and save all those settings as a profile for a particular game, when the corresponding game is started the profile is automatically loaded. As soon the games finishes the previous settings are restored.

We have an extensive discussion thread open on RadeonPro right here.

If you're an ATi Tray Tools user and already uses the automated profiles you won't need this tool, unless you want to mess with MVPUModes and other limited tweaks like showing CrossfireX logo on screen, remembering that those settings are per game settings.

I'm planning other tweaks and so, I would be glad if you try it and give me some feedback and suggestions on how to make RadeonPro better.

You'll need Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Runtime and Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0. If you have Catalyst Control Center installed they're already on your system. We have an extensive discussion thread open on RadeonPro right here.

New build

- New: Added support for 64-bit applications
- New: Improved hardware detection
- New: Improved Windows 8 compatibility
- New: Movie capture feature with real-time Motion JPEG compression (DirectX 9/10/10.1/11) and OpenDML (AVI 2.0) support
- New: FXAA support (DirectX 9/10/10.1/11 and OpenGL)
- New: FXAA can be activated/deactivated during the game (configure the hotkey on RadeonPro's Settings screen)
- New: SMAA support (DirectX 9/10/10.1/11)
- New: SMAA can be activated/deactivated during the game (configure the hotkey on RadeonPro's Settings screen)
- New: Dynamic Vsync Control (DVC) support. This feature controls how vertical synchronization is applied at rendering time, automatically turning it off when frame rate is below monitor's refresh rate to reduce stuttering and turning it on when framerate is above or equal to monitor's refresh rate, improving smoothness.
- New: DVC can be activated/deactivated during the game with SHIFT+HOME key
- New: Dynamic Framerate Control (DFC) support. This feature acts like a frame rate limiter with smoothness control, just set a frame rate target and RadeonPro will try to keep it as close as possible while maintaining frame rendering times close to each other to avoid stuttering.
- New: DFC can be activated/deactivated during the game with SHIFT+END key
- New: DFC feature's frame rate target is adjustable in real time, press SHIFT+INSERT to increase the limit and SHIFT+DELETE to decrease it
- New: Lock frame rate up to monitor's refresh rate. This feature limits internal frame rendering times accordingly to refresh rate (i.e. 60 Hz = 16.67 ms) instead of waiting vertical retrace.
- New: On-Screen Display panel, showing current status of some RadeonPro features on top of game screen. Press PAGEDOWN key to toggle between full panel/reduced panel/hidden.
- New: OSD panel can be made visible since game start either globally or at profile level, just configure it on OSD tab
- New: OSD panel versions can be disabled either globally or at profile level, just configure it on OSD tab
- New: Real time GPU monitoring with On-Screen Display support. GPU monitoring displays your video cards temperatures, utilization, FAN speed and VRAM utilization
- New: Current date/time/FPS and actual playing time can be displayed at OSD
- New: Ambient Occlusion support (DirectX 9/10/10.1/11). Please bear in mind that not all games can be forced to use Ambient Occlusion. RadeonPro currently supports Horizon Based Ambient Occlusion (HBAO) and Volumetric Ambient Occlusion, different algorithms might be added in future. A list of supported games can be seen at end of changelog (see complete listing at Program Settings/Ambient Occlusion), the list will be updated based on author's tests and also based on feedback from users that have access to Ambient Occlusion debugging tool (TBD).
- New: Better keyboard handling (i.e. fixes some games that don't allow OSD control or change of FPS corner)
- New: Improved hook handling with better Steam overlay compatibility
- New: OverDrive controls allow basic overclocking, manual cooler fan speed and PowerTune adjustments (available only at profile level)
- New: Added option to display new CrossfireX logo on OSD when a CrossfireX capable system is detected
- New: Added proper support for Direct3D9Ex games (i.e. Blades of Time, Fallout New Vegas, World of Tanks etc.)
- New: Improved OpenGL support and bug fixes
- New: Built-in SweetFX integration, allowing global and per game SweetFX effect shaders configuration. SweetFX can be used on any DirectX 9/10/10.1/11 games running on 32-bit or 64-bit. Configure SweetFX at RadeonPro settings and remove all 3rd party injector's DLLs from game directories if you want to use RadeonPro's SweetFX integration. Obs: SweetFX shaders are disabled on Battle.net games and Planetside 2. Also, one additional module (PPContainer.dll for 32-bit/PPContainer64.dll for 64-bit) is used when SweetFX shaders are loaded in memory, making easier to detect when a game is employing custom shaders to modify games' appearance through RadeonPro
- New: Improved compatibility with Uplay and Origin overlay modules
- New: The program now warns the user when RadeonPro process is executing with elevated privileges on an UAC enabled system. Running RadeonPro with elevated privileges might break application detection, it's recommended executing RadeonPro with normal privileges (either non-admin or admin account, but not with elevated rights - i.e. don't use Run as Administrator)
- Fixed: Some games that used to hang at startup when API monitoring was active are now playable (i.e. STALKER Call of Pripyat)
- Fixed: screenshots now works in DirectX 10/11 with R10G10B10A2/B8G8R8A8 formats used by some games (Dirt 3/Showdown, F3AR). Performance is not so good as in other games, but it will be optimized soon.
- Changed: German translation update (thanks to Lennart Brüggemann)
- Changed: improved OSD rendering performance on DirectX 10/11 games
- Removed: SVG file creation at benchmark finish
- Removed: CrossfireX bar; to monitor GPU utilization, use OSD options instead
- Removed: alternate AMD Radeon logo
- Removed: skins (all). They will be replaced by new Web skins feature. Anyone with HTML and Javascript skills will be able to create skins for RadeonPro.
- Removed: Aggressive API detection (useless with new hook handler)
- Known issues:
-- Vsync is a bit broken in DirectX 9 for 64-bit apps
-- DFC/DVC may not work as expected in OpenGL apps
-- Movie's audio may go out of sync when target framerate is too high compared to sustained framerate
- Ambient Occlusion support list (DirectX 9 only when API omitted)
-- 2K Sports NBA 2K11
-- 2K Sports NBA 2K13
-- Alan Wake
-- Aliens vs Predator (DX9/DX11)
-- Assassin's Creed Brotherhood
-- Batman Arkham Asylum
-- Batman Arkham City (DX9/DX11)
-- Bioshock (DX9/DX10)
-- Bioshock 2 (DX9/DX10)
-- Blades of Time
-- Brothers in Arms - Highway to Hell (have issues with out of position shadows during cut scenes when non 16:9 resolution is used)
-- Bulletstorm

-- James Bond 007 - Blood Stone
-- Call of Duty 2
-- Call of Duty: BlackOps
-- Colin McRae DiRT
-- Darksiders
-- Darksiders II
-- Dead Space
-- Dead Space 2
-- Devil May Cry 4
-- Diablo III
-- DiRT 2 (DX9/DX11 - only works with AA 0x)
-- Dishonored
-- Dragon Age II (DX11)
-- F.3.A.R. (DX11)

-- F.E.A.R.
-- Formula One 2012 (DX11)
-- FIFA 2012
-- FIFA 2013
-- Grand Theft Auto IV
-- Hard Reset
-- Ice Age 4
-- Mass Effect 3
-- Need for Speed Hot Pursuit
-- Need for Speed Most Wanted (DX10)
-- Of Orcs and Men
-- Racedriver GRID
-- rFactor
-- S.T.A.L.K.E.R. Shadow of Chernobyl
-- Sonic Adventure 2
-- Sonic Generations
-- Street Fighter IV
-- Street Fighter X Tekken
-- The Amazing Spider-Man
-- The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
-- Tomb Raider Anniversary
-- Tomb Raider Underworld
-- Trine

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