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The first version of Memtest86+ was released on early 2004, based on memtest86 v3.0 that was not updated since mid-2002. Our main challenge was to provide an up-to-date version of this useful tool, as reliable than the original. Our work started when we got the first AMD64 system. Unfortunatly, the original memtest v3.0 didn't run at all. After looking at the source code, we fixed the bug.

After some days, I saw lot of other things like chipsets or CPU that were not correctly detected or not detected at all. I have access to lot of recent hardware and I can test and debug on quite all available motherboards on the market. After adding detection for all current CPUs, I've added detection for all current chipsets (SiS, VIA, nVidia, Intel) and ECC Polling for AMD64, i875P and E7205. Then, I decided to display some useful settings for the most popular chipsets. For exemple, on i865PE/i875P series, memtest86+ will now display FSB & Memory frequency, PAT status, memory timings, ECC status and the number of memory channels. Next version will perhaps contain several enhancements and bug-fixes.

Version 9.5

  • Fixes/Enhancements
    • Added new config file parameter, 'MAXCPUS', for setting the maximum number of CPU logical cores used for testing. By default, this value is 256 (Pro Edition) and 16 (Free Version). This parameter can be set to a maximum value of 512.
    • Added new config file parameter, 'AUTOPROMPTFAIL', for specifying whether to display the test result and ask for user intervention on test failure, even when AUTOMODE is enabled
    • Added new config file naming convention allowing for separate config files depending on memory size: <Memory-size-in-GB>GB-mt86.cfg
    • Fixed memory size calculation to use rounding instead of truncation
    • Display PASS message box in yellow (instead of green) on test completion if corrected ECC errors were detected
    • Display error message if no valid SPD.spd file was found when SPDMATCH=1
    • Display error message if no SPD modules were detected when SPDMATCH=1
    • Display error message and exit MemTest86 when failing to measure CPU clock speed during startup
    • Updated XML message to include CPU info & SMBIOS info sent to PXE server/management console
    • Added ECC Support for Intel Tiger Lake H chipset
    • Added ECC Support for Intel Rocket Lake chipset
    • Added ECC Support for Intel Alder Lake chipset
    • Added ECC Support for Intel Ice Lake-SP chipset
    • Added support for retrieving CPU info for Intel Elkhart Lake chipset
    • Added support for retrieving DIMM temperatures (TSOD) for Intel Alder Lake chipset
    • Fixed issue with measuring ARM64 CPU clock speed due to CPU cycle counter (PMCCNTR) being disabled
    • Fixed HTML report to display error bit map in text when copying/pasting
    • Fixed Linux badram entries in HTML report to be page size aligned (4096 bytes)
    • Fixed parsing bug with SPD.spd file when whitespace appears at the end of each line
    • Fixed issues with displaying RAM SPD DDR5-specific info
    • Fixed support for limited number of command line parameters in Free version
    • Fixed bug in overflowing text in SPD info screen
    • Fixed REPORTNUMWARN config file parameter not being written when saving config file
    • Included Serva PXE server configuration file in Site Edition package
    • Updated blacklist with Dell Precision 7760 screen display issues

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