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Battlefield 3: Aftermath Trailer Out

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The first trailer for Aftermath, Battlefield 3's next DLC. Premium Video 4: NOT SO Exclusive Aftermath Footage. If you were expecting to actually see something new, well this is not the right place for you. Check the vid after the break.

Sony outs KD-84X9000 a 84-inch 3D 4K TV

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Ohhh Sony is the only sound you'll be mumbling when you see this one. Sony introduced its 3D 4K TV in the Japanese market for now. The KD-84X9000 has (4K) BRAVIA LED and Sony’s X-Reality PRO Picture Engine for BRAVIA TV that optimizes image processing, Blu-ray disc and other high resolution materials. The 3840 x 2160 resolution TV will be released end November 2012.

The Thanko ANDBOX44 Android 4.0 SmartTV Box

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Japan based Thanko has returned with its latest gadget in the form of the ANDBOX44 Android 4.0 SmartTV Box. This gadget will turn any HDMI-equipped TV into an Android 4.0 SmartTV. Powered by a 1.5GHz Cortex A8-Allwinner A10 processor, the Thanko ANDBOX44 features a 1GB of RAM, a 4GB of internal storage space, an HDMI port, Ethernet, an SD card slot and two USB ports. 

Fan Negativity Was Too Much for Bioware Owners

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Well, NowGamer has an interview in which Trent Oster suggested that the negative fan reaction to Mass Effect 3 and Star Wars: The Old Republic were things that pushed Ray and Greg into leaving the gaming industry.

The iPhone 5 versus the .50 Cal

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Aaah man honestly .. I don't get why people do this. But the video has been viewed 1.3 million times already and admittedly, the bullet time slow-motion video does kick ass. And sweet bejeezzz ... what a gun. Anyway, after the break you can have a peek at iPhone 5 vs .50 Cal video from Tech Assassin RatedRR Richard Ryan from the K9 Members of the Armed Forces Ac. Enjoy the moment, it's something else alright.

Guru3D Rig of the Month for September 2012 Announced

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The Guru3D Rig of the for September is here. This months build comes from a name that rings a bell alright, Francis Vilaça aka Sate200. At 26 years of age Sate200 did build a very beautiful game PC. Not bad for a businessmen who sells wood. Francis has submitted his rig multiple times, but the latest revision of his build shows craftsmanship and excellence.

Let's have a look at his rig right here.

First Grid 2 Gameplay Videos are out

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Codemasters has released the first two gameplay trailers for Grid 2, and it's looking quite spectacular. GRID 2 gameplay (first look) - This Chicago video features a Street Racing stage where muscle cars, including the Camaro SS, Z06 Corvette and Boss Mustang, charge through skyscraper-lined streets and chase through tunnels. Videos is captured from pre-alpha, work-in-progress code. Video's and photo's can be found after the break.

TP-LINK N600 Wireless Dual Band Router

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The N600 Wireless Dual Band Router provides simultaneous stream on the 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz bands, great for bandwidth intensive applications like HD video streaming and online gaming. As of 9/26/2012 on, the NETGEAR N600 WNDR3400 retails for $79.00 while the comparable TP-LINK N600 TL-WDR3500 retails for only $47.00, a 40% savings in price.

Guru3D Rig of the Month - September 2012

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This months Guru3D Rig of the month, September 2012, build comes from a name that rings a bell alright, Francis Vilaca aka Sate200. The man at 26 years of age has  build a very beautiful game PC. Nearly a floating helicopter really ! Not bad for a businessmen who sells wood. Francis has submitted his rig multiple times, but the latest revision of his build shows craftsmanship and excellence. Let's have a look.

Google Could Launch a $99 Nexus 7 by the End of 2012

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Google launched their affordable tablet the Nexus 7 in June and it immediately caught everyone’s attention because of its attractive price and good hardware. With Tegra 3 chip, an HD IPS display and a price tag of $199, its a must buy but Google might not stop just there. According to DigiTimes, Google and ASUS are working on two new slimmer Nexus 7 tablets with TN panels and they are set to launch it by the end of 2012 but the most amazing part of the report is the price of these tablets. 

ADATA DashDrive Elite HE720 External Hard Drive

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ADATA today introduced the DashDrive Elite HE720. It is claimed as the world’s slimmest USB 3.0 external storage device. Measuring at only 8.9mm thick, the storage device is encased in a stainless steel enclosure, which makes it more durable. The DashDrive Elite HE720 has a 500 GB of storage space, a blue LED light indicator and a one-touch button for backing up your digital files.

ASUS Releases PA248QJ Professional 24inch monitor

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ASUS announced a two new monitors addressing different segments of the market, the PA248QJ for creative professionals, and the VG27AH for gamers. The 24-inch PA248QJ provides a native resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels, and packs a high-grade IPS LCD panel with 8-bit color resolution, high coverage of Adobe RGB palette, 6 ms response time, 300 cd/m² brightness, 1000:1 static and 8000:1 ASCR contrast ratios, and a range of inputs including DisplayPort, DVI, and HDMI. 

ZOTAC GeForce GTX 660 Ti AMP! Extreme Edition

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ZOTAC released the ZOTAC GeForce GTX 660 Ti to extremes with the new limited edition ZOTAC GeForce GTX 660 Ti AMP! Extreme Edition. The ZOTAC GeForce GTX 660 Ti AMP! Extreme Edition goes beyond the AMP! Edition and raises the engine clocks an extra six-percent higher for a greater performance boost in the latest games and applications.

Scythe Gouriki 4 Series PSUs

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Memory vaguely states that we posted about this before, ah well, Scythe is releasing the Gouriki 4 series PSUs. These PSU units will eb available both modular and non-modular all being 80+ Bronze certified. The series will exsist out of 500W, 600W and 700W models. Common to all models is a dual 12V rail design. The 500W model uses two 20A rails, the 600W model uses 35A + 25A rails, while the 700W model uses 55A and 25A rails

AMD AppZone for GPU-accelerated apps

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AMD has launched an AMD AppZone, a new online showcase for games and software applications accelerated by AMD Radeon GPUs and AMD APUs. Additionally, the site also offers popular Android apps via the AMD AppZone Player, which uses BlueStacks' technology.

Intel Atom Z2760 Clover Trail chip Released

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Intel officially debuts the Atom Z2760, a new Clover Trail based chip for Windows 8 tablets. Intel Corporation’s new Intel® Atom™ Processor Z2760 is a highly integrated dual-core system on a chip specially designed and targeted for Windows* 8 tablets and tablet convertibles, including both the new Windows 8* user interface and familiar Windows desktop modes. The new Intel solution is built to deliver fast and responsive performance in sleek and lightweight form factors.

Miner Wars Co-Op Gameplay Video

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Four developers from Keen Software House demonstrate the co-op mode in their game Miner Wars. Miner Wars is a first-person action-survival space simulation game set in the year 2081. This first installment of the Miner Wars franchise is currently being developed by Keen Software House a. s., an independent software company founded and lead by Marek Rosa. There are currently two branches: Miner Wars 2081 as a classical single-player, co-op and multi-player and Miner Wars MMO as a massive multiplayer online version.