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MSI P55-GD80 Lynnfield Motherboard Preview

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We have a nice preview to offer you guys on the upcoming MSI P55-GD80 Lynnfield Motherboard. This board has a lot of overclocker-friendly features, such as on-board controls for clock-speeds, clear-CMOS, OC-Genie, a DIP switch to control voltages, and voltage-sensing points that make measuring voltages convenient. part from the Intel P55 chipset, it uses an NVIDIA nForce 200 bridge chip that broadcasts 16 PCI-Express lanes (from the processor root complex) to 32 lanes on the PCI-E x16 slots. And next to the six standard SATA II ports an additional JMicron controller provides two internal and one external SATA ports, and one IDE connector. Two gigabit Ethernet connections, 8-channel audio, Firewire, and 14 USB ports make for the rest of the package.

Lian Li PC-8N mid tower-launched

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Lian-Li Industrial Co. Ltd has launched the PC-8N Mid Tower chassis ideal for PC systems. The hair-line brushed all aluminum chassis features advanced thermal dynamics, using one fan on the front (1x 120mm@1200RPM) to pump cool air into the chassis where it exhausts out the rear fan (1x 120mm@1200RPM). The 7x PCI expansion slots are vented and assist with airflow. The chassis front face has 4x 5.25" ODD bays and a 3.5" drive bay. The front face clips off easily and conveniently. The dimensions stand at 210x450x490mm (W, H, D). The top panel is removable and the entire system has smoothed edges, and an anti-vibration design.

The chassis supports 4x 5.25" Optical drive bays with 1x 3.5" external. The HDDs have a specially designed cage that secures them snugly via thumb screw struts supported with rubber grommets. The entire cage secures the HDDs via a patented slider bar that secures all the HDDs simultaneously. The PC-8N midi case is for Micro-ATX or ATX motherboards and has 7 PCI expansion slots, which are well ventilated with special vented brackets when not in use. The top panel is removable with the multimedia I/O ports on the front panel consisting of 2x USB2.0 as well as HD+AC97 Audio. The PSU fits securely at the rear top of the chassis.

Thermal features
The engineers at Lian Li have optimized the airflow to enter from the front 120mm fan, directly cooling the HDDs and ODDs and thereafter refreshing the CPU region. The hot air generated by the CPU and GPU is directly extracted via the rear 120mm Fan which allow for silent operation. The volume of airflow is more than sufficient to keep your PC system cool and conveniently silent.

Traditional Durability
The classical stylish functional design is the Lian Li goal. The essence of Lian Li products is the craftsmanship of the engineering. Intrinsic to the workmanship and quality is the customization which includes a whole host of optional extras that can be purchased to add more features to an already feature rich product.

EIZO launches New FlexiScan WUXGA Professional-Grade Monitor

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We talked about this monitor back in june already, but it's finally released. EIZO Japan released it's latest 24.1 inch LCD monitor, the FlexScan S2433W-H.

Thios monitor is obviously targeted at graphics professionals, this monitor sports a native resolution of 1920 x 1200 pixels (WUXGA). It provides a brightness of 360cd/m2, and a static contrast ratio of 1000:1. The EcoView and EyeCare features adjusts brightness to best suit the ambient lighting conditions, and work to conserve energy. The panel has a wide viewing angle of 178 degrees.

The monitor comes with DVI-D (HDCP capable), D-Sub, and DisplayPort. It is able to reproduce 96% of the Adobe RGB colour-space.

The price seems to be 94 800 Yen which is higher than we originally expected (700

OCZ launches Z-Series Gold Power Supply

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OCZ Technology Group announced the availability of the Z-Series power supplies,  the latest high-end enthusiast offering excelling in both performance and ultimate efficiency. Featuring 80+ Gold Certifications, the Z850 and Z1000 PSUs offer the highest efficiency on the market combined with a power output to meet exceptional system demands.

The Z-Series power supplies are immediately available in 850W and 1000W configurations to meet the system needs for high-end gamers, professionals, and enthusiasts. The Gold Certified Z1000 (1KW) and Z850 (850W) PSUs deliver over 90% efficiency at typical load, making them an excellent contender for high-end PCs and workstations that require maximum wattage and efficiency. Both the 1000W and 850W are available in modular and hard-wired configurations, offering choice and variety for case-modders, enthusiasts, and overclockers.

Featuring exceptionally clean DC output, a sophisticated architecture, and a complete array of connectors for your PC needs, Z-Series PSUs can power an impressive cross-section of high end components while contributing to energy savings. The Z-Series offers the most efficient design in its class, and comes backed by a 5-Year warranty commitment and technical support for ultimate peace of mind. The Z-series is available for $299.99 (Z1000M), $289.99 (Z1000), $239.99 (Z850M), and $219.99 (Z850).

SilverStone GD03 HTPC case

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SilverStone will start shipping the GD03 HTPC case next month, this model will be available for around 190 EUR.

A chassis designed for massive storage capability with a total available space of up to

SmoothCreations LANShark review

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SmoothCreations delivers another thrilling custom computer. The LANShark is small, light, and fast. While it is plenty fast, its overclocking potential is limited by its cooling, however.

The aim towards durability may compromises its full speed, but the custom paint job totally makes up for it.

Of course, the mind fills with catch-phrases, tag lines, cliches, and one-liners.  The oppression of a fertile mind!  I just got a text message from Cptn. Obvious,

Logitech reveals new HD webcams

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Logitech announced updates to their entire webcam line today, revealing seven brand new models, the best of which, the Webcam Pro 9000, features HD capture at 720p with supporting applications.

This webcam also has a 2-megapixel sensor, light compensation and Carl Zeiss lenses. Expected cost is to be about $100. The C905 was also revealed today, but it

Onkyo intros two 7.1-channel home theater systems

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Onkyo is one of my personal favorites when it comes to AV receivers. They recently announced the upcoming release of two 7.1-channel home theater systems with advanced audio processing, including support for all current audio formats, including the vertical dimensions added by ProLogic IIz. The HT-S7200 and HT-S6200 surround sound systems are rated at the same 130 watts per channel, with a speaker system that includes an active 230W subwoofer. Onkyo's U-Port iPod dock is included with each system.

The HT-S7200 has one extra HDMI 1.3a input, at five, compared to the HT-S6200's four inputs. The HT-S7200 can upscale signals connected via components and composite inputs to 1080i. The HT-S7200 sports tower front speakers with dual 3.25-inch woofers and a 1-inch dome tweeter. A center channel has the same arrangement of drivers. The speakers are available as a stand-alone package known as the SKS-HT870

The HT-S6200 system has single 4-inch woofers and one 1-inch balanced dome tweeter on the three front speakers and 3.25-inch full range drivers in the surround speakers. The 10-inch subwoofer has a 230W power rating on either system.

The Onkyo HT-S7200 and HT-S6200 are available now, priced at $899 and $699, respectively. The SKS-HT870 7.1-channel speaker package costs $499.



Windows 7 already cracked before release ?

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There are reports on the web that a crack for the Ultimate Edition of Windows 7 is already available on the Internet. Reports indicate a leaked Windows 7 Ultimate OEM DVD ISO from Lenovo made the hack possible.

Reports from various forums and websites (which we will not link to because they offer the proof-of-concept of the Windows 7 RTM Ultimate crack, along with the activation product key, which is illegal) indicate that the cracked client can bypass Windows genuine Advantage validation with no problems whatsoever. A Windows 7 Ultimate OEM DVD ISO from Lenovo has reportedly made the hack possible. Leaked on a Chinese forum, complete with the download links, the ISO allowed for hackers to grab the OEM-SLP (System-Locked Preinstallation) product key as well as the OEM certificate for Windows 7 RTM Ultimate via boot.wim.

The bypass designed for Windows 7 RTM involves abusing OEM activation 2.1, and in this regard the circumventing process is nothing more than an OEM hack.

Microsoft makes search and ad deal with Yahoo

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After two failed attempts to acquire Yahoo last year, Microsoft has struck a 10-year deal with the Internet company to take on Google. Under the deal, Microsoft will power Yahoo's search engine while Yahoo will take care of both companies' premium search advertisers. The deal must still pass regulators and the companies expect it will take a year or two to fully get the partnership up and running. Full details including the financial side can be found over at CNET.

Less expansive than the all-out, $44 billion acquisition Microsoft proposed last year--and even than some of the search partnerships once discussed--the deal does allow the companies to share resources and combine their engineering efforts. Even together, however, the two companies have only about 30 percent of the search market compared to Google, which has more than twice that amount.

"This agreement gives us the scale and resources to create the future of search," Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer said in a statement. "Success in search requires both innovation and scale. With our new Bing search platform, we've created breakthrough innovation and features. This agreement with Yahoo will provide the scale we need to deliver even more rapid advances in relevancy and usefulness."

China bans mafia and gangs games

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Chinese state media People's Daily announced the country has banned online games featuring mafia and street gangs, claiming such a ban is necessary because these games are harmful to the youth.

The Ministry of Culture has issued a notice prohibiting such games, which have thrived on the Internet recently, said the People's Daily, the Communist Party's mouthpiece.

The games "highlight the anti-social gangster behaviour of beating, killing, looting, raping and cheating, and they promote bloodshed and violence", the ministry said in a statement posted on its website on Monday.

They must be banned because they "gravely threaten and distort society's efforts to build a lawful society and moral codes and will easily harm the youth", the statement said.

Corsair launches Dominator GT family for AMD Phenom II Processors

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Corsair announced the new Dominator GT line of ultra-high performance DDR3 memory modules, designed specifically for AMD Phenom II processor-based platforms using Socket AM3 motherboards.

The new 4GB (2 x 2GB) Dominator GT memory kit has been precision engineered to operate at a frequency of 1600MHz with ultra low-latency timings of 6-6-6-18 and a Command Rate of 1T. These settings are a perfect match for the latest, high-performance Socket AM3 AMD Phenom II processors, which feature an advanced, low-latency, integrated DDR3 memory controller.

Testing in the Corsair Lab using an AMD Phenom II X4 Black Edition processor and Asus Crosshair formula motherboard has shown average performance memory improvements of up to 20% when using the 1600MHz CAS 6 Dominator GT memory, when compared to standard 1333MHz DDR3 memory.

The 1600MHz CAS 6 Dominator GT kit for AM3 platforms with AMD Phenom II processors also utilizes the new DHX+ heatsink, which uniquely cools both the memory ICs and PCB, and includes removable cooling fins that allow for advanced cooling devices to be fitted. These include the recently announced Corsair Cooling

ATI might prep radeon HD 4860

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The colleagues from TPU found out through it168 that AMD is working on a Radeon HD 4860 graphics card. This part is expected to arrive for around $130.

The Radeon HD 4860 seems to have been already taped out, sampled, and pictured by sections of the Chinese media. At the heart of it is the RV790 GPU in a different configuration codenamed RV790GT. It has 640 stream processors instead of 800 on the HD 4850, except that it uses a 256-bit GDDR5 memory interface, and effectively higher clock speeds.

The core is clocked at 700 MHz, and the memory at 750 MHz (3000 MHz effective). The PCB shows the card to powered by a single 6-pin power connector.

Samsung has 2 platter 1 TB drive in the works

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Samsung tonight advanced hard drives in cautious form by upgrading the density, not the capacity, of its Spinpoint line. The Spinpoint F3 reaches a maximum 1TB of space but does so using only two 500GB platters instead of the usual three or four; the move significantly increases the speed of accessing data as much as 30 percent by reducing the seek time for data. It moreover improves the reliability of the drives by reducing the number of moving parts.

Every F3 turns at 7,200RPM and plugs into SATA or SATA II interfaces. The 1TB drive ships in August and will have a 32MB buffer, but a 500GB, single-platter version is available now with a 16MB buffer. Prices of the drives haven't been made public.

Tuniq Tower 120 Extreme HSF next month

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Tuniq will release the Tower 120 Extreme CPU cooler in August, this tower heatsink features five direct-touch heatpipes and is cooled by a 120mm fan.

Tower 120 Extreme measures 131

Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Video

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The first glimpse of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2's multiplayer gives us a quick look at the AC-130 gunship's appearance in online play. Players will be able to unlock the reward for earning killstreaks in the game.

Modern Warfare 2 crushes the holiday season on November 10.