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Left 4 Dead PC - 23 VGA card graphics performance

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Left 4 Dead is a game about escaping from different places infested with Zombies. Today we'll look at the Left 4 Dead game and fire off 23 graphics cards at this title to see what performance we get returned, we'll throw in a little Multi-GPU results in there as well.

JoWooD Apologizes for Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods

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Kind of weird when you think about it for a little bit longer but JoWooD issued a German PR with an apology to the community for the quality in which they shipped Gothic 3: Forsaken Gods:

Gothic 3 : Forsaken Gods is full of bugs, just as the main game was. Fans are complaining about the poor quality of the game and JoWooD felt that it's time to release a statement in this regard: First of all we want to thank the community for showing their support and we also want to thank those who have chosen to buy the game. Unfortunatey, it wasn't possible for us to release a game that could fully satisfy you, for different reasons. The game was released this year because that was what we and the community desired. JoWooD and Trine have worked under a lot of pressure, and to repair some of the mistakes we released the game with a patch, hoping to make it better. Michael Kairat, Executive Producer of JoWooD said: We are now getting the full "bill" from the community for our mistakes. JoWooD Productions would like to present their apologies to the fans for releasing an unsatisfying game.

Furthermore Michael Kairat explained that in the next days a new patch will be released which will improve the quality of the game. It will be available for download on JoWooD's Official Website. We also want to make a content patch which will include opinions, suggestions, wishes from the community. After the feedback from the community, we will release a statement regarding the patch. Toghether with Spellbound we will make early beta tests for Arcania: A Gothic Tale, to be sure that past mistakes will not be repeated. JoWooD admits their mistake, and will prevent it from happening again, says Michael Kairat on behalf of the entire team.

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Guru3D Rig of the Month - November 2008

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Each month here at we feature one of you guys, your PC, your DIY project. It is quite honestly amazing how much detail and dedication you put into an PC, and every now and then it really shows. Today Mike's PC. Mike is a long time Guru3D visitor. He has build several PC's over the years, but I think this one tops them all ... suffice to say, 100% Guru3D Rig of the Month material. Take a look at his project as he talks you through this DIY build.

Check it out, click here. More Rig of the Month entries can be found here.

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Smoothcreations P90X SFF gaming system unveiled

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PC builder extraordinaire Smoothcreations unveiled a small form factor gaming system, the Portable 90 Xtreme (P90X) series. These systems are designed for LAN parties, they weigh less than 15lbs and have a custom painted "Boneyard" design.

The P90x models feature Intel QX9770 processors, water cooled Radeon HD 4870, 4870X2 H20 Special Edition graphics or you can choose some ass kicking BFG Geforce 280 GTX AX or HOC Edition. The system also features 4GB Corsair Dominator memory, a WD HDD, Lite On DVD burner and a motherboard from DFI.

It's available now at Smoothcreations, prices start at $1,995.

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Intel to Phasing out Core 2 Quad Q6600 in Q1/2009

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Get them while there's hot ... Digitimes reports that Intel is planning to start phasing out the 65nm Core 2 Quad Q6600 in the first quarter of 2009, prompting several PC and channel vendors to start planning to cut Q6600-product prices to clear their inventory before the end of this year, according to sources at PC vendors.

Intel will issue a product discontinuance notice for the Q6600 in the first quarter next year, and call end-of-lifecycle in the second quarter.

Acer has reduced pricing for its Intel Core 2 Quad Q6600-based desktops to below NT$13,900 (US$418) for the IT Month consumer show in the Taiwan market, and other vendors are expected to follow suit.

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AMD lowers prices December 1st

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AMD is to lower prices on it's processors starting December 1st, here's an overview.

Processor Old Price USD New Price USD
Phenom X4 9950 BE 186 175
Phenom X4 9850 BE 180 165
Phenom X4 9750 170 154
Phenom X3 8750 134 124
Phenom X3 8650 123 104
Athlon X2 6400+ 102 87
Athlon X2 6000+ 95 77
Athlon X2 5600+ 88 70
Athlon X2 5400+ 78 66
Athlon 64 LE-1640 ~40 36,50
Phenom X4 9750B 224 165
Phenom X3 8600B - 110
Athlon X2 5400B - 71

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ATI NVIDIA Buy TSMCs 40nm Process Foundry Service

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Nvidia and AMD-ATI, currently the world`s top two vendors of graphic accelerators, will contract Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. (TSMC) to build chips with 40-nanometer process next quarter, while Altera, Broadcom and Netlogic plan to do the same in the ensuing quarter.

TSMC announced last month that it would begin offering commercialized 40-nm process, with many fabless houses having since come to TSMC for the leading-edge process in spite of the business downturn.

The world`s No.1 silicon-foundry supplier announced in March it had unveiled the process by using immersion lithography technology. Chip-making equipment suppliers pointed out that TSMC had completed validation of the process with customers last month before announcing to offer such commercialized process.

In spite of anemic chip markets and the forecast that TSMC`s capacity utilization ratio will likely drop to only 75% by the end of the current quarter, customers have accelerated plans to upgrade to higher-end process by making most of the rising idle capacity at TSMC in hope of paring down costs.

Nvidia plans to have its high-end GT216 chips made using 40-nm process next quarter, as does AMD-ATI, which is working on its high-performance RV870 chip designed on 40-nm rule.

Telecom-chip designers including Altera, Broadcom, Marvell, Netlogic and LSI are planning to use 40-nm process to make chips in the second quarter next year. Suppliers of the chips used in Microsoft XBox360 game consoles, and Sun Microsystems are reportedly considering to contract TSMC by the middle of next year [via cens].
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