YMTC Advances in NAND Flash Technology: X3-6070 QLC Chips Rival 3D TLC (4,000 P/E cycles per cell)

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YMTC announced at the China Flash Memory Market Summit (CFMS) 2024 that its latest X3-6070 3D QLC NAND flash chips, employing the third-generation Xtacking technology, have achieved a program/erase (P/E) endurance of 4,000 cycles. This level of durability positions the X3-6070 chips on par with the 3D TLC NAND flash chips available in the market, challenging the conventional endurance expectations for QLC NAND. The X3-6070 chips benefit from YMTC's strategic focus on enhancing the input/output speed by 50% and storage density by 70% compared to its predecessors, facilitated by the advancements in Xtacking technology. This technology distinctively separates the CMOS circuitry from the flash memory array, allowing for improved reliability and operational flexibility.

YMTC's Chief Technology Officer, Huo Zongliang, highlighted the anticipated growth in the flash memory sector, with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 21% expected from 2023 to 2027. The rising demand underscores the industry's challenges, including cost reduction per gigabit, enhanced read/write performance, and diversified consumer needs. QLC NAND's increasing market share, projected to exceed 40% by 2027, signifies its growing relevance in meeting these challenges.

The introduction of the X3-6070 and the showcased PBlaze7 7340 series solid-state drives at CFMS 2024 indicate YMTC's readiness to extend its QLC technology into various applications, including enterprise storage and mobile devices. The company's innovations in NAND flash materials, error-correction algorithms, and SSD controller optimizations contribute to the X3-6070's high endurance.

Moreover, YMTC presented the PC41Q consumer-grade QLC SSD, boasting a sequential read and write speed of 5500MB/s and reliability comparable to TLC SSDs. This includes a data retention period of 1 year and 2 million hours of mean time between failures (MTBF) at 30°C, showcasing the X3-6070's potential in consumer markets.

YMTC's strategic decision to maintain a 128-layer structure for the X3-6070, despite the industry's trend towards higher layer counts, emphasizes its commitment to balancing performance with cost-effectiveness. This approach, combined with material innovations, algorithmic enhancements, and controller optimizations, underscores YMTC's competitive edge in the NAND flash industry.

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