AMD Zen 5 Mobile Processors Exposed: Ryzen 9050 Strix Point and Ryzen 9055 Fire Range Details

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Details emerged about AMD's forthcoming Zen 5 mobile processors, known as Strix Point and Fire Range, thanks to information shared by netizen Wu Yanzu. These next-generation processors are currently in the test sample distribution phase, with specific characteristics disclosed in the item shipping documentation. The details regarding the core configurations of the Strix Point processors were not specified, beyond their TDP and packaging information. It's mentioned that these processors are in the B0 step of development and are positioned above the existing Phoenix (Ryzen 7040H/HS series) and Hawk Point (Ryzen 8040H/HS series) processors in AMD's lineup, hinting at a higher-end market focus.

Two Strix Point processors were identified with the following specifications:

  • Ryzen 7 variant with a thermal design power (TDP) of 28W, using an FP8 package, and labeled as Strix Point.
  • Ryzen 9 variant, also with a 28W TDP and FP8 package, under the Strix Point category.

Additionally, the Fire Range processors were noted to come in two configurations:

  • A 16-core version with a TDP of 55W.
  • An 8-core version, also with a 55W TDP.

Analysis suggests that the Strix Point processors might employ a traditional monolithic design, contrasting with a potential chiplet design for future iterations. At the recent AMD AI PC Innovation Summit, AMD confirmed that Strix Point chips would feature RDNA3+ integrated graphics and XDNA2 architecture NPUs, with a launch expected within the year.

The Fire Range processors, offering 8 and 16-core options, are positioned as successors to the current Dragon Range (Ryzen 7045HX series) processors. These are in the B0 development step with a 55W TDP, and their core specifications are anticipated to be on par with desktop processors. Their release is projected for the first half of the next year.

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