With the Dual Orientation OPUS 809, AZZA rethinks case design

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Flanked by 4 darkly tinted tempered glass panels and built on a 4 mm thick CNC milled aluminium frame, the OPUS ensures a unique PC look standing vertical or horizontal, and with its semi-open design, ensures adequate airflow to high-end components up to 360 mm long triple slot GPU, 360 AIO, ATX motherboard and PSU, and dual storage drives.

Mixing precision and style, the anodized and sandblasted 4 mm CNC milled aluminium frame of the OPUS with sharp angles and "X" shape gives the case a futuristic design. Surrounded by 4 tinted tempered glass panels, the OPUS ensures the PC remains elegant no matter which side is exposed. The unique shape and sturdiness of the case allows it to be placed in two orientations, vertically for a minimal 32 x 32 cm footprint, or horizontally, changing the look of the PC entirely.

Ingenious Design
The OPUS required rethinking standard case designs. Entirely modular, each panel can be removed to open up access to the inside of the case. The vertical GPU bracket is entirely removable to provide access to the PSU installation, which sits at the bottom of the case. At the rear and away from the motherboard and GPU, the fan/radiator bracket is entirely removable and sits on tracks to ease its installation. Inspired by SFF tower designs, every component is separated and has access to a direct fresh air intake, ensuring peak performance.

Ready for High Performance
The OPUS' unique form factor doesn't limit its ability to support large high-performance components. With support from Mini-ITX to ATX motherboards, up to 360 mm long triple-slot GPUs, a 360 radiator, ATX PSU, and 2x 2.5" SSDs or 1x 2.5" SDD and 1x 3.5" HDD, users have the possibility to build a powerful PC with modern hardware without holding back.

The AZZA OPUS 809 is available at MSRP USD 349.99

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