Ukraine requests an end to Atomic Heart sales.

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Alexander Bornyakov, the deputy minister for digital transformation, has requested Sony, Microsoft, and Valve to stop the distribution of the Russian-developed shooter Atomic Heart, as revenues from the game's developer, Mundfish, could be used to finance the war against Ukraine.

Bornyakov has also called for the game's distribution in other countries to be stopped due to concerns about data collection and the possibility of transferring it to third parties in Russia. The developer has also been accused of including derogatory references to Ukraine in the game. However, Mundfish has denied any political stance and stated that they are a "pro-peace organization" that is "against violence against people."

Furthermore, composer Mick Gordon, who contributed music to the Atomic Heart soundtrack, has announced that he will donate his fee to the Red Cross to separate the actions of a government from the actions of individual citizens. Atomic Heart is an international project with over 130 developers from more than ten countries contributing to its development.

According to Eurogamer, the developer of Atomic Heart is backed by Anatoliy Paliy's investment firm Gem Capital, who used to work for the state-controlled energy company Gazprom. Bornyakov has raised concerns that revenues from the game's purchases could potentially be used to finance the war against Ukraine.

In addition, there have been allegations of data collection by Mundfish, with their website privacy policy reportedly disclosing collected data to Russian authorities. However, the developer has marked this data protection declaration obsolete and since removed it. Despite these controversies, the game has garnered significant attention from gamers and enthusiasts alike.

Ukraine requests an end to Atomic Heart sales.

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