TP-Link Unveils Deco XE200 Wi-Fi 6E Mesh with 10 Gigabit Port and 16 Antennas

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TP-Link unveiled its cutting-edge Wi-Fi 6E mesh system, the "Deco XE200." Endowed with a 10 Gigabit port and 16 high-gain antennas, the Deco XE200 promises fast, stable connectivity, optimizing both wireless and wired device experiences.

The Deco XE200, with its tri-band support (6GHz band at 4,804Mbps, 5GHz band at 4,804Mbps, 2.4GHz band at 1,148Mbps), effortlessly detects WAN/LAN, enabling rapid-fire data transmission. Its 16 high-gain antennas deliver a lag-free experience, facilitating seamless gaming and video streaming sessions.

Moreover, the Deco XE200 integrates seamlessly with the existing TP-Link "Deco" series. It can function as a gateway while the conventional model serves as a satellite, collectively broadening coverage and bolstering communication environment stability. The Deco XE200 comes in two versions - standalone and a two-set unit. The standalone unit has a projected market price of $409 USD, while the two-set unit comes at an estimated $739 USD. Both models will hit the market starting May.

Fitted with 10 Gigabit ports and 2 gigabit ports, the Deco XE200, measuring 130 x 123.5 x 241 mm, can cover a area of up to 310 m2 for a single unit and 600 m2 for a two-set unit.

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