Thermalright dual pipe large M.2 heat sink HR-09 2280 PRO BLACK

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Getting ready for your PCie Gen 5 Phison-based NVMe SSD? Thermalright has got the perfect heatsink for you :)

Thermalright releases the HR-09 2280 PRO BLACK, a large heat sink for NVMe M.2 SSD. A large M.2 heat sink that appears to provide adequate performance for heat dissipation of PCI Express 5.0 compatible SSDs. It is a product that corresponds to the "HR-09 2280 PRO" black model released last year, and it has a structure that efficiently transfers heat to the entire by circling two 6mm diameter heat pipes. The heatsink is made up of 33 fins that are 0.4mm thick and spaced 1.8mm apart. M.2 2280 is supported by the M.2 form factor, and the heat sink is designed not to protrude beyond the width of the slot, reducing interference with CPU coolers and expansion slots.

The external dimensions are 24mm wide, 86mm deep, 74mm tall, and 90g in weight.

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