Team Group Offers Memory Card for Action Cameras: GO Card

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Team Group announced the release of Go Card, a memory card made especially for action cameras, a memory card that has versatility, good transfer performance and is UHS-I Speed Class 3 (U3) compliant. 

Team Group’s latest released GO Card is not only fast, high performance and rated UHS-I Speed Class 3 (U3), it is also the best companion for action camera users. With the performance Full HD and 4K high quality video needed, users are able to capture in 4K ultra high quality or 240 frames per second. The read speed of GO Card is up to 90MB/s, and the write speed is up to 45MB/s. When using GO Card, you can immediately enjoy the smooth recording and video playback experience, freely capture wonderful moments in life. 

For consumers who love extreme sports to record those wonderful moments, Go Card is built for use and last in extreme environments. It offers 4 trustworthy protections: water proof, dust proof, x-ray proof and cold resistant. The memory card will still remain undamaged and offers long lasting storage performance even if the device is broken. So users’ precious memories can be completely preserved without any loss. GO Card has also been tested for compatibility with each action camera on the market. Therefore, consumers can relax and fully enjoy the fun of sports, capturing photos and videos. Using SD adapter and USB 3.0 high speed reader allows for more versatility and better transfer performance. 

Model GO Card Micro SDHC/SDXC UHS-I U3
Capacity 32GB / 64GB*
Voltage 2.7V ~ 3.6V
Operation Temperature -25˚C ~ 85˚C
Storage Temperature -40˚C ~ 85˚C
Data Transfer Rate Read: up to 90MB/s ; Write: up to 45MB/s**
Weight 1g
Dimensions 15.0(L) x 11.0(W) x 1.0(H) mm
Operation System Micro SDHC
• FAT32 format
• Supports only products with the microSDHC logo or slots complying with microSDHC memory cards.
• Supports only products with SDHC logo or slots complying with SDHC memory cards. (adaptor required)

Micro SDXC
• exFAT format
• Supports only products with the Micro SDXC logo or slots complying with Micro SDXC memory cards.
• Supports only products with SDXC logo or slots complying with SDXC memory cards. (adaptor required)
Write protect No
Warranty Lifetime warranty

Go Card is adopting new printing technology to fully carry out the concept of “memory last forever”. During the manufacturing process, not only the color inkjet heat transfer printing is screen free, but we are also using eco-friendly inks to protect our environment. With the new printing technology, the colors printed on the memory card can stay as vivid as ever, just like the memory stored inside.

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