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Super Talent has launched its UltraDrive MX2, a new line of solid state disks with modest transfer speeds of up to 240MB/s. It's available in 60GB, 120GB, 240GB and 480GB capacities. Oddly enough, Super Talent describes this product as a premium consumer offering. Obviously as you can judge from perf, these are budget SSDs that will offerentry level SSD performance.

Super Talent Technology, a leading manufacturer of NAND Flash storage solutions and DRAM memory modules, announces its UltraDrive MX2 for those that crave the need for speed in a computing environment.

With sequential read and write speeds up to 240MB/sec, UltraDrive MX2 allows firms to cover bases from lightning fast transaction speeds for database servers to faster load times in high end gaming rigs. The UltraDrive MX2 also supports the latest garbage collection and Trim features which are designed to keep this SSD running at peak performance.

“SSDs are becoming more accessible to the everyday user. The UltraDrive MX2 is our premium consumer offering for those wishing to max out the performance of laptops and desktops. The new dual interface we offer also allows users the flexibility for it to function as an internal or external drive.” 
–Shimon, VP of Engineering, Super Talent Technology

STT’s UltraDrive SSDs are extensively tested to industry standards for consistency, functionality, and compatibility. The UltraDrive SSDs are equipped with advanced error correction (ECC), wear leveling and bad block management technologies to insure reliable and phenomenal endurance. Traditional HDDs don’t stand a chance when competing on performance against Super Talent’s UltraDrive SSDs when it comes to shock, vibration, temperature, altitude, and power consumption.

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