SSD prices stable for a year now

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A small study is showing that SSD prices in the EU, specifically the Netherlands have not fallen in price is the past year, that means that prices have stabilized and probably will stick at this level for time to come. Website tweakers polled the results from a price-watch engine and spread over volume sizes of 120GB to 512GB Nand flash storage remain stable. 

The biggest price drop was a year ago when prices dropped from 1.84 EUR per GB towards 0.89 EUR per GB. But the trend continued. SSDs have been up and coming for a couple of years now with tremendous price drops. The growth has been so strong that pretty much anyone with a modern age PC now has an SSD installed.

The price right now sticks at roughly 0.80 EURO per GB (averge). Anyway, below a chart of the pricedevelopment  in EUR, courtesy of spread out over roughly a year.

SSD prices stable for a year now

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