SSD NAND prices dropping - price could further half this year

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Solid State Drives are becoming increasingly cheaper, it is now reported that there is an oversupply of flash memory with low demand for notebooks and smartphones back. This year, the priced could be halved compared to what it was last year.

NAND manufacturers want to reduce the production of flash memory. In addition, investments are expected to fall by two percent, having already been dropped by ten percent last year. DRAMeXchange expects that prices for Flash memory products will be around 20 percent in the first quarter of 2019. For the second quarter, and maybe 15 percent and in the last two quarters, it will be another ten percent per quarter. For the year, the price of flash memory would be roughly be reduced by half.

Below an example of the Crucial BX500 480GB released in the Summer of 2018, you can clearly see the trend.

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