Sony Prepares to Launch PlayStation 5 Pro with Advanced Graphics Capabilities

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Sony is set to introduce the PlayStation 5 Pro, codenamed "Trinity," potentially by late 2024. Recent leaks and insider reports reveal significant enhancements over the current PlayStation 5, particularly in graphics rendering. The PlayStation 5 Pro is designed to support advanced ray tracing features and achieve higher resolutions and frame rates, making it particularly appealing for developers and gamers aiming for peak visual performance. The new console will feature a more powerful GPU based on RDNA 3 architecture with 30 Workgroup Processors, capable of delivering 33.5 TeraFLOPS of FP32 single-precision compute power. This represents a roughly 45% increase in GPU rendering capabilities compared to the standard PS5. The CPU speed will also see a slight increase to 3.85 GHz, further enhancing game rendering capabilities.

In terms of ray tracing, the PlayStation 5 Pro will utilize a sophisticated ray tracing architecture that is up to three times faster than that of the standard PlayStation 5. This includes an enhanced system memory setup, increasing the memory bandwidth from 448 GB/s to 576 GB/s, which aids in boosting overall performance and efficiency. Sony is also incorporating a custom AI accelerator capable of 300 8-bit INT8 TOPS and 67 16-bit FP16 TeraFLOPS, along with an improved ACV audio codec that runs up to 35% faster, adding to the console’s high-performance profile.

Developers are encouraged to ensure their games are compatible with both the PlayStation 5 and the new PS5 Pro, with Sony providing test kits and requiring that games submitted for certification from August onwards support the enhanced capabilities of the PS5 Pro. Games that exploit these advanced features may carry a "Trinity Enhanced" label, signifying their optimized performance on the new console.

Insider Gaming, the first to report the detailed specifications, suggests that the PlayStation 5 Pro might launch during the 2024 holiday season, promising a substantial upgrade for the gaming community.

source: theverge

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