Smoking Xbox Series X Investigated

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In the topic weird, Last week the Xbox Series X was launched and the first people to receive their new consoles began to report failures of all kinds. One of them, perhaps the most famous, was seen in a video emanating a large amount of smoke which people believed to be fake.

After this disturbing news, one of the most reasonable explanations that emerged is that this was a fake made with the smoke of a Vaper, given the cooling design of the Xbox Series X. Now, the Polish user not only reiterated that his problem was real, but the Xbox Poland account itself revealed that the user already has a new replacement console on the way, while they will take the defective console to investigate.

"Arek, once again we apologize that it took a little longer than we initially promised, but fortunately we managed to finish everything happily," stated the company.

In addition, Xbox Poland asked the community to stop bullying the user by putting smoke from the Vapers inside the consoles. Also, doing such a thing could end up damaging the components of the new Xbox.

“And by the way, we understand that games can be someone's passion, but they should never be the cause of personal attacks against another person. Remember that this is a game that is supposed to unite us, not divide us ”.

Smoking Xbox Series X Investigated

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