SilverStone offers 2.5 Gigabit LAN card "ECL01" with RTL8125BG-CG chip

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SilverStone has released their network card ECL01 equipped with Realtek's 2.5 gigabit controller "RTL8125BG-CG." 2.5GBASE-T / 1000BASE-T / 100BASE-TX / 10BASE-T are supported by the network standard.

The "RTL8125BG-CG" chip is compatible with Realtek's proprietary "Dragon Bandwidth Smart Optimization Technology," as well as high-performance bandwidth control software. Bandwidth can be managed in conjunction with software, and bandwidth equivalent to that of a dedicated channel can be allocated to high-priority applications to improve communication efficiency.

Additionally, it supports a variety of functionalities, including automatic negotiation for the XNP function, crossover detection and rectification, hardware CRC, LTR (Latency Tolerance Reporting), and remote wakeup.

PCI-Express 2.0 is the bus interface (x1). As usual, the controller chip includes an aluminum heat sink for cooling. External dimensions are 53.8 mm in width, 64.5 mm in depth, 14.8 mm in height, and 67.7 g in weight. As an option, a low-profile bracket is offered.

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