Samsung Galaxy S9 will record 1080p video at 480 fps

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The upcoming Samsung Galaxy S9 camera possibly will have the ability to capture full HD video at a super-slow-motion 480 frames per second. This is possible through the use of a '3-stack FRS': a fast readout sensor based on three layers.

During the recent CES Samsung showed a lot of new technology, yet did not reveal too much info about the new smartphone. This round though Samsung basically confirmed recent rumors that were created on the basis of a picture of the Galaxy S9 box and some info posted on the Samsung website, reports the Dutch galaxyclub. It's all a bit of an enigma, but when the pieces come together, this all does make sense.

Galaxy S9 camera: Super PD, 480 fps full HD video

Samsung recently added a page with information about their new ISOCELL camera sensors (page was just removed). It talks about a threefold stacked FRS fast readout sensor, which is what the hype is all about, technology that is used by Xperia phones as wellBy layering different parts of the camera sensor on top of each other, it can grab more frames per second. This '3-layer / stacked FRS' potentially enables the ability of recording 1080p full HD video with 480 fps. Not as high as Sony's sensor (960 FPS @ 720p), but a big step forward compared say the camera currently used in the Galaxy S8.

Samsung explains on its webpage that the new sensor focuses faster as well, 'Super PD' autofocus: super phase detection autofocus. Without sacrificing too much in details, Samsung claims that the sensor can accurately estimate the distance to fast moving objects even in low light conditions. The result: an even faster autofocus, and thus the ability to capture high-speed video at 1080p.

Then 1+1=2 the above photo, in all likelihood, shows the properties on the alleged packaging of the 5.8" Galaxy S9, and what is readable on there .. 'Super Speed Dual Pixel' and 'Super Slow-mo'. What the dual sensor camera of the 6.2-inch Galaxy S9 Plus would add here, is not yet known. The Galaxy S9 will be presented at the end of February with availability in March, with an unknown price tag. The screengrab and photo are courtesy of galaxyclub.

Samsung Galaxy S9 will record 1080p video at 480 fps

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