Samsung announces its first Exynos with AMD RDNA2 GPU in July

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Two years ago AMD and Samsung announced that they were working together to implement RDNA2-based GPUs in Samsung's Exynos SOCs, and it seems that the time to see the first product resulting from this alliance is finally coming.

During Computex 2021 Lisa Su revealed that the next Exynos would be the first to feature an RDNA2 integrated GPU, and according to the Ice Universe leaker, the announcement of this new SOC would take place next month. 

The announcement was planned for this month, but for reasons unknown to Ice Universe, it was postponed until July. Knowing that Samsung will announce their Galaxy Fold 3 and Z Flip 3 during July, they may have waited to make all the announcements at the same event, and capture the widest possible audience when making those announcements.

The RDNA2 GPU integrated into Samsung's upcoming Exynos SOC will allow smartphones that use it to have real-time Ray-Tracing and variable shading rate, significantly increasing both graphic quality and gaming performance, revolutionizing mobile gaming. . Its success will depend on the adoption by the developers, since being only present in a small number of mobiles, the extra effort on the part of the developers may not be justified and we will not see Ray-Tracing or variable shading rate more than a limited number of titles.

Samsung announces its first Exynos with AMD RDNA2 GPU in July

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