Samsung accidentally published video Galaxy Note 9 on YouTube

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Whoops? Albeit the Galaxy Note 9 has not been launched just yet, somebody at Samsung figured, why not place the teaser video online. We're not far away from launch, as the product will launch August 9.

It is a commercial video which was posted on the YouTube channel of Samsung New Zealand. in the video, you can see a blue Galaxy Note 9 and an S Pen. Samsung places emphasis on storage; the Note 9 could hold 1 TB of (expandable) storage. It is expected that the default model Galaxy Note 9 has 512 GB storage and 8GB or RAM. Samsung also lists a longer battery life. The new video from Samsung shows a number of key points and gives a first impression of what one can expect during the introduction on 9 August. The Galaxy Note 9 is expected to be available on 24 August. Samsung has taken down the video. A photo of the rear of the Galaxy Note 9 on the page confirms many of the rumored features. This includes a headphone jack, a USB-C port, dual rear cameras and a rear fingerprint sensor.

Below the video hosted on another location, for as long as it stays online that is.

Samsung accidentally published video Galaxy Note 9 on YouTube

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