Price drops on Playstation 3 40GB

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According to a Blockbusters' memo leaked to us today Sony is permanently dropping the price of the discontinued 40GB model of the Playstation 3 starting Sunday.

The price drop, which was verified by calls to a number of Blockbuster stores, will drop the 40GB model to $360 and an PS3 40GB bundle with an HDMI cable, Spiderman the movie and Transformers the game to $400. Stores that have trade-ins of the PS3 40GB will be selling it for $360 as well.

While the $40 or so price drop isn't much, maybe it signals other drops in line for the other versions of the console in the near future. Or perhaps Sony is clearing stock to make room for a Tokyo Game Show announced new SKU for the Playstation 3.

Blockbuster employees across the country, SCEA says that this price cut did not come from Sony but rather is something Blockbuster is doing, likely to clear stock.

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