Pioneer BDR-X13JBK external Blu-ray drive has improved write quality and speed

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They're going the way of the dinosaurs, but Pioneer Corporation has introduced the "BDR-X13JBK" external Blu-ray drive, which has increased writing quality and speed.

The interface is USB 3.2 Gen.1 compliant, allowing for 16x speed writing to high-precision BD-R, M-DISC (BD) 1 layer 25GB, and 6x speed writing to M-DISC (DVD), among other things. Writing speed has increased. Furthermore, it is said that adjusting the settings when writing data improves writing quality.

Furthermore, "PureRead 3+" increases audio CD reading accuracy, "PC-less audio CD import / playing function using Android terminal," "AUTO power supply" works with PC power supply, "Custom Eco" decreases power consumption, and so on. Equipped with the ability to. The design of the front panel has also been updated.

The buffer capacity is 4MB, the exterior dimensions are 160mm wide, 220mm deep, and 50mm high, and the weight is around 1.1kg. The installation technique supports both vertical and horizontal installation, and the operating system is compatible with Windows 11/10/8.1 and macOS 10.11 or later.  ax writes are listed as BD-Rx16x, BD-R DLx14x, BD-R (LTH) x8x, BD-R TLx8x, BD-R QLx6x, BD-REx2x, BD-RE DLx2x, BD. -RE TLx2x speed, M-DISC (BD) SLx6x speed, M-DISC (BD) DLx8x speed, M-DIS. Pricing is set at 165 EUR/USD.

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