AMD Radeon software modifies CPU settings without the user permission.

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A German website researched a possible anomaly involving AMD's Adrenalin GPU software. According to current speculation, the inclusion of AMD's Ryzen Master module in Adrenalin version 22.3.1 or later software has incorrectly allowed the application to change CPU PBO and Precision Boost parameters without the user's consent.

According on user input, the issue only occurs with AMD CPU and GPU combinations that support the Ryzen Master SDK. So, if you're running a system with an Intel CPU and a Radeon GPU, or a Ryzen CPU and an Nvidia GPU, you won't have this problem. For some reason, when applying GPU profiles – including the Default profile – AMD's Adrenalin software will automatically enable PBO or the "CPU OC" preset.

This condition can be inconvenient if you already have pre-configured CPU overclocking and undervolting settings in your motherboard's BIOS, but fortunately, the chip has built-in protective systems to avoid any serious physical injury. However, Adrenalin is said to be capable of overriding your settings with random ones, which may have an influence on CPU stability. Igor's Lab revealed that the AMD Adrenalin software, via the PBO settings, may adjust the power limitations and maximum boost frequency of the Ryzen CPU. It is uncertain if the instability is caused just by people manually altering CPU settings or if it occurs under default conditions as well.

Fortunately, there are several methods for restoring your CPU to its original state. One solution is to return to your motherboard's BIOS and re-enter all of your CPU settings (or disable PBO if you run default settings). You can also use Radeon Software Slimmer to remove the Ryzen Master SDK from the Adrenalin software, preventing the module from modifying any CPU parameters. Because Radeon Software Slimmer is a third-party tool, you should use it at your own risk. The simplest solution, however, comes from a Reddit user who describes how establishing a new tuning profile for your GPU within the Adrenalin program would completely prevent the module from changing PBO settings in your motherboard's BIOS. AMD hasn't given any information on the subject, so it's unclear why the Adrenalin program can change BIOS settings without user intervention.

AMD Radeon software modifies CPU settings without the user permission.

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