OCZ SSD Test panel - Two Year Test Run Comes To An End

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Two years ago there was a lot of discussion about the endurance of SSDs, failure rates and so on. OCZ at the time had to fight off a bit of a reputation and claimed that their SSDs had extremely low failure rates. At that time Guru3D proposed an idea to OCZ, give us 10 SSDs, we’ll ship them towards 10 forum users and we’ll keep track of them for two years.

The two years have now officially passed, and a lot of things happened (while nothing happened with all SSDs), OCZ is no more, they have been purchased by Toshiba. Toshiba is still selling OCZ SSDs as part of their branding. Yeah it is amazing how much has happened ever since we started this test in May 2015.

We have continued and monitored the the test panel group for two years now. And if you want to have a peek, feel free to look at the results from the test panel in theforum linkage below. All OCZ Vertex 460A SSDs are still up and running, none of them have had a failure and all of them show good to close to advertised performance values. Most panel members even have 98% lifetime left on their SSDs despite using and abusing their SSD as daily OS drive and some have written A LOT of TBs.

Personally I have to say that is has been a pleasure watching and following the test panel as it also confirms my strong believe in NAND based storage solutions being durable, long-lasting and trustworthy. Pretty much all panel members have been able to post their scores and benchmarks on a monthly basis dureing these long two years, much thanks for that. Albeit OCZ might not be around as a standalone company anymore, we do like to thanks Tobias and Bernd from (back then) OCZ for having the guts to take part of this test as really it was a ballsy thing from them to agree to. I think it is safe to state if you invest in a proper SSD, it will last you for many many years.

Have a peek at the latest updates, some panel members still need to add the final May 2017 results though.

Going strong even after two years of usage

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