Nvidia shows ARM CPUs offer the same power as x86 CPUs in servers

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Because of various legal matters, Nvidia has not yet completed its acquisition of ARM; however, it is actively promoting this architecture for use in servers, displaying various benchmarks that compare this architecture to x86, the architecture that has traditionally been used by AMD and Intel and is therefore present in the majority of current servers.

Given that, as demonstrated in these tests, using an ARM CPU yields nearly the same performance in artificial intelligence tests as using an x86 CPU yields in traditional AI tests, this means that ARM can be an excellent choice for tasks where the load is placed on the GPU rather than the CPU, such as artificial intelligence. Yet another intriguing test that was performed by Nvidia demonstrated the tremendous advantage that a GPU has over a CPU while doing artificial intelligence jobs. However, despite the fact that we previously knew this, Nvidia wants to demonstrate the scale of the difference using various benchmarks, which show that an A100 GPU may be up to 104 times faster than an Intel Xeon 8380 Ice Lake CPU while performing AI tasks.

Returning to the dispute between x86 and ARM, and the purchase of ARM by Nvidia, it is important to remember that this acquisition is currently under investigation by national authorities in a number of countries, primarily the United Kingdom, where ARM is based, and the outlook for greens is not promising. The risk that Nvidia will stop granting them ARM licensing and will establish a monopoly by precluding other firms from developing products using this architecture, which is currently being investigated by several regulatory agencies, has been stated by several companies. The green company stated that it will not change the ARM licensing policy and that it will provide licenses to all those who are interested and comply with the agreements of said licenses, so there should be no cause for concern on the part of the brands, although the authorities have not yet expressed their certainty in this regard, according to the green company.

It will be interesting to see how things turn out with this acquisition, which has already been locked in for just over a year and has yet to materialize. Whatever the outcome of the authorities' investigations, we will keep you informed as soon as new information on the case becomes available.

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