Nvidia RTX 4090 Right Angle Power Adapter Announced by CableMod

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Cablemod has designed a 90-degree adapter for Nvidia's RTX 4090's 16-pin 12VHPWR power connector. The adaptor is designed to make the power cable significantly smaller and the 90-degree curve less visible. 

The adapter is 36.3mm tall, 29mm broad, and 23.2mm thick, and because it is all black, it resembles the 16-pin power cords. The adapter's architecture, which employs more than one PCB, allows for the 90-degree angle. This has no effect on the adapter's durability or dependability. Cablemod claims that this design eliminates any heat issues or terminal stress that may occur with alternative 90-degree cable connections.

The adapter is also available in a version that has been rotated 180 degrees to operate with GPUs that have power connectors in various locations. The adapter's ability to swivel 180 degrees may also be utilised to wrap the 16-pin cable over the top of the GPU in other GPU setups. The adaptor is designed to reduce the size of the 16-pin power plug, making it a more fashionable alternative. This should make it easier for many customers to fit RTX 4090s into cases that do not have enough room for both the RTX 4090's width and the extra width required to attach the 16-pin power connection. Cablemod does not specify which 16-pin cables it supports, but based on the images, the converter should be able to accommodate Nvidia's massive 4 x 8pin power adaptor as well as conventional 16-pin power cables. If this is the case, the Cablemods adapter will be much more beneficial, since it will greatly reduce the profile of the 16-pin adaptor, which requires a lot more area than a standard 16-pin to fit and bend without putting strain on the wires.

For the time being, the 90-degree adaptor is only compatible with the RTX 4090. This will change when additional GPUs with a 12VHPWR connection become available.

Nvidia RTX 4090 Right Angle Power Adapter Announced by CableMod

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