NVIDIA Prepares to Launch RTX 5880 Ada Generation GPU for Professional Visualization

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The precise specifications of the RTX 5880 Ada Generation are yet to be confirmed. However, in the context of NVIDIA's existing product range for professional visualization, the RTX 5000 Ada Generation targets the upper-mid market segment. This model, based on the "AD102" architecture, features a 256-bit ECC GDDR6 memory interface and offers 32 GB of memory. It includes 100 streaming multiprocessors (SM), surpassing the 80 SMs of the "AD103." Above the RTX 5000 Ada Generation lies the RTX 6000 Ada Generation, which is distinguished by its 48 GB of ECC GDDR6 memory and a comprehensive 384-bit memory bus, based on the "AD104" architecture. This model activates 142 out of 144 SM units. The forthcoming RTX 5880 Ada Generation is anticipated to fill the performance and capability gap between these models, likely providing an increased number of SMs, an expanded memory bus, and greater memory capacity.

NVIDIA has announced the upcoming RTX 5880 Ada Generation graphics card, tailored for professional visualization applications. This new addition to NVIDIA's GPU lineup is equipped with ECC-enabled memory and is certified for compatibility with numerous content creation software. It also includes prioritized product support. The launch is accompanied by the release of the RTX Production Branch driver, version 537.99 WHQL, which notably supports the RTX 5880 Ada Generation GPU.


Source: HXL (Twitter)

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