NVIDIA lets you play with an RTX in a phone booth (using GeForce NOW Priority membership)

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In the United Kingdom, it appears like Nvidia has discovered a new use for the few phone booths that still exist: the business has outfitted a classic red phone booth with a tablet, controls, a 5G connection to its GeForce Now streaming service, and RGB lighting in the company's iconic green.

By connecting to the cloud through this game booth, customers will be able to access the GeForce Now game collection and participate in a game session even while they are away from their homes. This idea is in response to a poll that was conducted by the company. Approximately 34% of the players prioritize finishing a level of their favorite game before eating, according to the results of the survey. Another 44 percent utilize restroom breaks to get away from work and have more time to be with their families. The most strange statistic is perhaps the fact that one in every ten gamers admitted to playing video games during their own wedding ceremony.

In addition to the motivation behind such a project, converting a phone booth into a game area using GeForce Now is evidence of the streaming service's versatility. Normally, PC games necessitate the use of strong hardware, but due to GeForce Now, we can play games in the finest possible quality no matter where we are and without the need for a high-end computer. When using the standard edition of the service, you can play at 1080p at 60 frames per second with Ray-Tracing and DLSS enabled.

Unfortunately, this was all part of an advertising effort, and Nvidia's GeForce Now-equipped cabs were only accessible for a single day in the city of Manchester before being removed. In any case, it's possible that we'll see them in action again in the future if there is enough demand or if Nvidia considers it to be a good advertisement for their service, so there's still a chance we'll see them in action in the future.

NVIDIA lets you play with an RTX in a phone booth (using GeForce NOW Priority membership)

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