Nvidia GP108-300 GPU Spotted - GeForce GT 1030

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NVIDIA is moving forward with a budged oriented GT 1030. The GPU that empowers it has now been spotted including a GPU die photo and AOTS results.

Earlier rumors stated that that NVIDIA would release a low end card budget friendly card titled GeForce GTX 1030 (GP108) but we know that the budget oriented low end cards by NVIDIA never used the title GTX. Following the previous trend of naming lower end cards by NVIDIA we can say that the card would be named GT 1030. It is rumored to have 512 shader processors and gets 1 and/or 2 GB framebuffer partitions.

This card would be based on the new Pascal architecture and would be a good upgrade option to those who are low on budget. it is however unknown if NVIDIA would using the GP107 core from the GTX 1050 cards or would be using the unreleased GP108 core. It is also rumoured that GT 1030 will have an big brother named GT 1040 which would feature the same core but with bumped up features. The exact release date is unknown but is rumored to roll out in mid-May, the pricing is unknown, it is estimated to be at par with the AMD RX 550 graphics card. Pricing should also be similar to the RX 550. It'll be faster than a discrete iGPU but 12 FPS in Ashes of the Singularity on 1080p well, unuff said there. Thye product is likely to launch in a week or two.

Source: ExpreviewVideocardz

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