Intel Releases C0 Stepping Atom C2000 Processors To Fix Problems

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Intel has released a new version of their Atom C2000 processors, the previous models had an issue that could brick your device if it had the proc, say a NAS. There was an issue with the clock generator.

The new stepping (revision) will be build C0 that has an altered lpc-interface that fixes the issues with the lpc-clock-output. Thing is, if you have a device with this processor series, and are running into the issue you will have to RMA it anyway as earlier reportedPrimary effected manufacturers with products using the proc are Dell, Cisco, HP, Netgear, Seagate, Supermicro and Synology. Other vendors using Atom C2000 chips include Asrock, Aaeon, Infortrend, Lanner, NEC, Newisys, Netgate, Quanta, and ZNYX Networks. 

Units utilizing this proc series would be NAS servers, small-servers, but also network related equipment and small form factor PCs. Folks with Synology DS1815+ NAS boxes have been reporting complete hardware failures; the DS415+, DS1515+ DS1815+, DS2415+, RS815(RP)+, and RS2416(RP)+ as they are powered with processors like the Intel Atom C2538.

The problemsome procs are the following Atom C2000 procs: C2308, C2338, C2350, C2358, C2508, C2518, C2530, C2538, C2550, C2558, C2718, C2730, C2738, C2750 en C2758.

While it is good to see Intel release a fixed C0 stepping, the trust for the C2000 is gone. As an end-user it is impossible to know if your new NAS would have the old or new revision chip. 

Intel Releases C0 Stepping Atom C2000 Processors To Fix Problems

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