NVIDIA Files Trademarks for 3080, 4080 and 5080

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So word out on the street is that the new NAVI cards might be named Radeon RX 3080. Guess what NVIDIA did when they learned about that, they filed a trademark on these 'numbers'. Of course, Nvidia's last two GPU series were named GTX 1080 (Ti) and RTX 2080 (Ti) and yes that could stir up some confusion on brand naming.

NVIDIA now has requested trademarks for "3080", "4080" and "5080". You can read about it on EUIPO (European Union Intellectual Property Office) where the claim has been filed, let me also reiterate that the trademarks have not been granted just. And quite honestly, I doubt you can trademark numbers.

We'll update once we learn more about this ruling.


NVIDIA Files Trademarks for 3080, 4080 and 5080

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