Nvidia EEC registrations indicate three new GeForce GPUs

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Remember the Manli entries? It's happening again. This round Nvidia has registrations active that point to the arrival of three models GeForce video cards. Earlier on the PCB of one of the cards already surfaced. A picture of a PCB with model number PG180 already appeared, remember?

If you look closely at the backside of that PCB, it has PG180 written on it and guess what? Prolonged on that some registrations indicate the arrival of PG180, PG160 and PG150, you can check that here EECand here EEC.

The registrations thus indicate the arrival of more PCBs for more models graphics card, which presumably will use a different GPU. If you follow the numbers logic would indicate to be a GTX 1150, GTX 1160 and a GTX 1180. But with PCB names, that always isn't the case, to be honest. It could be very well that the PCB number will have nothing to do with the graphics card names.

It is expected that Nvidia will announce one or more graphics cards at a Gamescom event on 20 August. What Nvidia will announce exactly is not known yet. Historically however first a top of the line model is presented and later one the more affordable models. Albeit the naming remains under wraps, it is assumed that would be either a GeForce  GTX 1180 or GTX 2080.


Nvidia EEC registrations indicate three new GeForce GPUs

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