Noctua Introduces NM-M1 Multi-Socket Torx based Mounting Kits for CPU Coolers

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Noctua has unveiled its latest NM-M1 enthusiast-grade multi-socket mounting kits designed to enhance the compatibility and performance of Noctua CPU coolers. These kits cater to coolers with 83mm and 78mm mounting pitches, providing an ideal solution for users looking to transition their Noctua coolers to the new Torx-based SecuFirm2+ standard or to support the latest CPU sockets that their coolers may not have originally accommodated.

Notably, on the AMD AM5 platform, the offset mounting option can yield notable improvements in CPU temperature, typically reducing it by 1-3°C. According to Roland Mossig, CEO of Noctua, "The mounting system may seem like a minor aspect when considering a CPU cooler, but it plays a crucial role not only in the user experience but also in product safety and performance. Inadequate contact pressure or contact quality can adversely affect results, even if the heatsink itself is effective." He further emphasized Noctua's commitment to refining mounting systems continually, with the NM-M1 kits showcasing the latest SecuFirm2+ standard and an offset mounting option to enhance performance on the AMD AM5 platform.

The NM-M1 kits are remarkably versatile, supporting a wide range of upgrading or switching scenarios by covering AMD AM5 and AM4 sockets, as well as Intel LGA1851, LGA1700, LGA1200, LGA1151, LGA1150, LGA1155, and LGA1156 sockets.

Key Features:

  • New SecuFirm2+ standard employing Torx T20 screws for improved usability and durability.
  • Magnetic tip NM-SD1 Torx T20 screwdriver included for added convenience.
  • Offset mounting bars for AMD AM5, enhancing contact pressure above the CCD(s) and reducing CPU temperatures by 1-3°C.
  • Available in versions for 83mm mounting pitch (NM-M1-MP83) and 78mm mounting pitch (NM-M1-MP78), compatible with most Noctua heatsinks since 2005.
  • Options in both regular and variants, with the latter featuring premium-grade, highly wear-resistant black coating on screws, brackets, and mounting bars.

Noctua NM-M1-MP83 and NM-M1-MP78 Pricing:

  • NM-M1-MP83: EUR 21.90 / USD 21.90
  • NM-M1-MP78: EUR 21.90 / USD 21.90
  • NM-M1-MP83 EUR 24.90 / USD 24.90
  • NM-M1-MP78 EUR 24.90 / USD 24.90

These NM-M1 mounting kits from Noctua serve as an essential upgrade for enthusiasts seeking enhanced compatibility and performance from their CPU coolers, delivering technical advancements for a superior user experience.


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