New SandForce controller to arrive in Q4 2014?

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Word from Tech report is that the long awaited SandForce's SF3700 SSD controller may finally see daylight late this year. The new NAND Flash controller features would get a rather unusual nine-channel design with support for up to 2TB NAND memory and support for both SATA and PCI Express.

According to the slide, the most recent B0 revision is due to start sampling next week. Production orders are being accepted for delivery in Q4, but that appears to be for drive makers buying the controller in bulk. It's unclear when SSDs based on the SF3700 will be selling to end users.

Interestingly, the slide adds that "preliminary benchmarks show 3-4x better mixed workload performance than [the] nearest competitor." There are no details on the benchmarks or the competitor, but the tests were probably ripe for SandForce's write compression tech. A sprinkling of salt is definitely required; I recommend Amola bacon salt, which combines prudent skepticism with a hint of smoky, cured pork. But I digress.

The SF3700 can't come soon enough. Serial ATA SSDs have been bumping into the limits of the 6Gbps interface for a while, and the latest Intel motherboards are primed for PCIe storage. So is Windows 8.1, which has native support for the NVM Express protocol designed specifically for SSDs. All we need are affordable consumer drives—and applications—that take advantage.

New SandForce controller to arrive in Q4 2014?

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