New NVIDIA GT200(b) and GT300 GPUs sighted

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Ah speculation time again. Well, we all love it so it appears that Australian e-tailer Austin Computers has already begun listing two future NVIDIA stock keeping units (SKUs) - which obviously - are yet to arrive.

The first listing is that of a GeForce GTX 280+, which preliminary specifications show could be a 55nm variant of the same GeForce GTX 280. Looking at how NVIDIA dealt with the 9800 GTX+, it could be assumed that the new GTX 280+ could feature higher clock speeds in order to make it more competitive.

Second to be listed, which looks rather surprising, is that of a GeForce GTX 350, based on the GT300 graphics processor. Again, whatever little specifications listed, show that the card is based on the 55nm silicon fab. process and holds 2 GB of GDDR5 memory across a 512-bit wide memory bus. It is mentioned that the product could be available any time in Q4 2008. Is NVIDIA gearing up for X'mas? [via Techpowerup]

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