MSI Launches New Threadripper X399 SLI Plus

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MSI is pleased to announce the availability of a new motherboard: X399 SLI PLUS. Perfect for content creators who are looking for a great performer with plenty of connectivity options, MSI’s new X399 SLI PLUS is an optimized workstation motherboard, built for designers. 

You know, the one thing that I have been mentioning with the X399 Threadripper release is that the motherboards might become a little to expensive. Some are 400 euro, the most expensive one reaches 600 euros (Zenith). It seems that MSI has been prepping an answer around the 350 Euros marker. Featuring heavy plated heatsinks, Military Class V components and numerous unique and patented performance enhancing features, this motherboard is the best choice for professionals looking for speed and stability.

The foundation seems to be based upon the X399 Gaming Pro Carbon AC (our review here) but with some features scrapped away. The PCI-Express and DIMM slots have been reinforced, I spot two M.2 slots with shields (but three in total) and the audio section seems exposed. The two fastest PCIe 3.0 x16 slots are reinforced with metal and then there are two regular x16 PCIe slots in a more regular flavor as well as two x1 slots. The box shows Mystic RGB lighting and thus it'll get some RGB lovin as well. It is unclear when MSI will release this product, as well as its price.  I have to say i do like that all dark black design.

MSI -- Using a full black color scheme, the new X399 SLI PLUS enters the next generation PRO Series design concept by adding Mystic Light RGB to personalize any workstation. Lightning USB 3.1 Gen2 extends data transfer bandwidth options to provide the best USB 3.1 performance. M.2 Shield v2 helps stabilize fast SSD data signals and prevents throttling for the best M.2 SSD performance. STEEL ARMOR slots prevent PCI-E slots from sustaining damage by heavy graphics cards. Each feature on SLI PLUS has been designed and tested to achieve the highest quality standards and are geared for longevity and best performance. More performance-related features on the new X399 SLI PLUS are: DDR4 Boost, Turbo M.2 with RAID support, Audio Boost, X-Boost, Network Manager and many more.

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