MSI Laptops to offer Full Keyboard Customization and Gamecasting Capability

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MSI announces the availability of SteelSeries Engine and XSplit Gamecaster in all upcoming gaming laptops, including the ultra-portable GS series, the power-packed GT Dominator series, and the performance GE Apache series. The ultimate customization tool, SteelSeries Engine delivers an unparalleled level of personalization and programming power to the gamer, from advanced macro programming to providing key usage statistics.

XSplit Gamecaster makes game streaming easy by automatically detecting the best streaming settings for the gaming laptop and internet service provider. Gamecaster allows gamers to add, resize and position a webcam feed to the game, draw on screen with in-game annotations, and organize and upload videos. 

Key features include:

  • Macro Editor - programs individual or a combination of keys to launch an application or game, simulate mouse and keyboard inputs, copy and paste selected text and disable the keyboard when needed
  • Buttons - assigns custom actions to any programmable button and provides an image layout of your device with a brief overview of the assignment
  • Color Illumination - full keyboard customization from individual and group color settings to the intensity of the illumination
  • Profiles - creates and modifies unlimited keyboard profiles and assigns each profile to a specific application or game
  • Statistics - highlights most frequently used keys, runs monitoring tests during any game or application and enables users to calculate their Actions Per Minute (APM) to improve gaming efficiency and customize key locations

"Our upcoming lineup of gaming laptops gives gamers unprecedented ability to customize their gaming experience and a headache-free way to share their gaming experiences," said Andy Tung, CEO for MSI Pan America. "Users can now easily change individual key colors, learn about their typing patterns, create personal profiles based on gaming preferences and showcase their proudest gaming feats with the world."

MSI will be soon announcing their full lineup of next generation notebooks with more information on the specifications, features, and availability.

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