MSI drops functions from BIOS of AMD's 300 and 400 series motherboards to support Ryzen 3000

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Now I say MSI here, but this will not be specific towards MSI as all manufacturers have to deal with it. Remember a while ago when we mentioned that Ryzen 3000 procs might not be supported on Series 300 and 400 motherboards due to a too small BIOS storage size?

Well, here's the thing, quickly after that discussion surfaced, AMD and the motherboard manufacturers swiftly declared Ryzen 3000 support. 

Here's the thing (2), the old BIOS EPROM sizes are 16MB. You can only store that much data on it. Over the years more and more procs and memory has been added and at one point, it's stuffed. You have to say that this problem is more apparent for AMD as they have a shitload of processors for socket AM4, and that is now working against them. The X570 motherboards all have a 32MB BIOS EEPROM to store data, so that's save as it's doubled up right?

MSI now has explained on their website how they will bring Ryzen 3000 support towards say certain Series 300 chipsets, simply put .. you can't have it all. So they have removed older (aging) processors from the new firmware and added Ryzen series 3000 processors. Next, to that, a number of features have been scrapped. A-series and Athlon processors from the 28nm Bristol Ridge generation are no longer supported in the firmware. In addition, the MSI proprietary possibility for SATA raid has been removed but might be back after the BIOS leaves Beta stages. Last but not least you'll notice a very slim GUI UEFI interface.  This applies specifically to MSI's boards however other manufacturers also use a 16 MB bios chip, so they will have to make choices as well. All is not a biggy for most people of course.

MSI drops functions from BIOS of AMD's 300 and 400 series motherboards to support Ryzen 3000

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