MSI Announces Optix MAG301CR Gaming Monitor

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The Optix MAG301CR is a 30-inch WFHD ultra-wide gaming that is built to give you a competitive edge with a 30-inch 2560x1080 resolution, 200z refresh rate, 1 ms response time curved panel.

Combined with FreeSync technology, the MAG301CR can match the display's refresh rate with your GPU for ultra-smooth gameplay. Reach the peak of immersion with the latest MSI technology that allows users to enjoy smoother graphics in competitive games and to heighten the overall gaming experience.

Compared to the traditional 16: 9 panel, the 21: 9 widescreen increases the overall screen size allowing gamers to enjoy a wider viewing angle. The widescreen increases working space allowing increased multitasking capabilities, significantly increasing operational and gaming efficiency. The Optix MAG301CR is also accompanied by its excellent contrast and image smoothness which not only makes competitive games smoother but also plays a role in web browsing or viewing multimedia. This monitor is suitable for consumers that enjoy both games and general entertainment.

Optix MAG301CR curved gaming monitor features a wide 30" WFHD panel that supports resolution up to 2560x1080. This 21:9 panel allows gamers to enjoy a wider viewing angle compared to other traditional 16:9 panels. A widescreen will also allow gamers to multitask with several windows, leading to significant improvements in operational and gaming efficiency.

Optix MAG301CR is equipped with a 200hz refresh rate and 1 ms response time VA panel which shines the brightest in fast-paced game genres such as FPS, RTS, and MOBAs. These games require quick and precise movements and with ultra-high refresh rate and fast response time, you will be well ahead of your competition.

High Dynamic Range (HDR) display delivers better color and contrast accuracy. Optix MAG301CR is equipped with HDR technology that can produce images with more detail, a wide range of colors, and look similar to what is seen by the human eye when compared to traditional monitors.

Night Vision is part of MSI's monitor configuration software it smartly computes and amplifies details in dark areas of the screen. Avoiding overly brightening the screen and causing areas to overexpose. This creates pleasing images that are comfortable to look at. Let the world's first smart black tuner brighten your day by bringing out the fine details in dark areas.

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