Microsoft Surface users complain about cover cracks

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Electronista noticed that early buyers are complaining about several issues. One of the most widely heard complaints is that the Touch Cover attachment is prone to splitting and fraying, Electronista heard from sources close to the software giant that the return rate on Touch Covers could be as high as one in five. On top of that, users also complain about random muting and audio stuttering on some units while the Surface is in use or in standby.

Electronista's source, a Microsoft retail employee, said that the tablet had seen brisk sales in the weeks since its release. Recently, though, customers have begun returning the Touch Cover, and internal service documentation seems to indicate that about one out of every five Touch Covers is experiencing this hardware issue.

Microsoft according to The Guardian, is replacing faulty covers for free. In a statement to ZDNet, Microsoft acknowledged the issue, saying that they are aware of "a small number of instances of material separation."

Microsoft Surface users complain about cover cracks

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