Microsoft states there will be no more patches for Windows XP

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Microsoft's made a decision to issue one more security patch for Windows XP last week, but the software giant stresses this was a one time thing. Microsoft stressed this week that there will be no further patches for Windows XP and that the dying OS will have to fend for itself.

Announcing the fixes from the Patch Tuesday release, Microsoft Trustworthy Computing group manager of response communications Dustin Childs said that Windows XP definitely has been left to fend for itself. 

"For those wondering, Windows XP will not be receiving any security updates today," he said. 

"For some time we have been recommending customers move to a modern operating system like Windows 7 or Windows 8.1 to help stay safe." 

Childs' comments come after an emergency security bulletin warning of a vulnerability affecting almost every version of Internet Explorer (IE) was released in April to patch a major issue that had come to light. This month's Patch Tuesday update contains further enhancements to this fix.

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