Microsoft Bing shows an easy way to track Corona virus by country (tracker)

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While the coronavirus is spreading across the world, Microsoft offers an easy way to track them by country and state with the help of Bing's search engine.

Microsoft has released the COVID-19 Bing Tracker, a solution that works similar to Google Maps, but focused exclusively on coronavirus cases.

The interactive map shows the location of coronavirus cases with a circle, the size of which is determined by the number of cases . On the left, there is a running total of confirmed, active, recovered, and fatal cases. At the time of writing, there are 169,673 confirmed cases , 85,338 active cases , 77,767 recovery cases , and 6,518 fatal cases .

Below the totals, there is a list of countries and clicking on a country will focus the map on that location, list the breakdown of the cases, and offer links to verified news covering the passage of the coronavirus there . For anyone who is concerned or interested in what is happening with the coronavirus locally, this is a good place to start.

The data Microsoft uses comes from the World Health Organization, the United States Center for Disease Control and Prevention, and the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention. As for how the tracker came about, Michael Shechter of Microsoft explained, “Many people in Bing worked from home this past week to create a mapping and news resource authoritative to report on COVID19.”

You can check the tracker here.

Microsoft Bing shows an easy way to track Corona virus by country (tracker)

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