Micron develops 128GB DDR5 RDIMM up to 8,000MT/s using monolithic 32Gb DRAM

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Micron Technology, headquartered in Idaho, USA, has announced the development of a 128GB DDR5 RDIMM on November 9, 2023. This memory module is engineered using a monolithic 32Gb DRAM die and is designed to meet the demands of data center applications, including artificial intelligence (AI) and in-memory databases.

The new RDIMM from Micron leverages a 32Gb monolithic die architecture, which offers a suite of technical advancements. In comparison to existing 3DS Through Silicon Via (TSV) DRAM modules, Micron's solution provides a substantial increase in bit density—over 45%—and enhances power efficiency by up to 24%. Additionally, it achieves up to 16% lower latency and up to 28% improved AI learning performance.

With support for operating speeds of up to 8,000MT/s, this RDIMM sets a new benchmark for high-capacity, high-speed memory modules suitable for complex data center operations. Looking ahead, Micron plans to expand its offerings based on the 32Gb DRAM die technology. Future product rollouts will include larger capacities such as 256GB and beyond, as well as a variety of memory configurations like RDIMM, MCRDIMM, MRDIMM, CXL, and low-profile (LP) form factors.

Micron's advancement in DDR5 RDIMM technology with monolithic 32Gb DRAM is aimed at providing data center ecosystem partners with enhanced memory solutions. For more information on Micron's DDR5 SDRAM offerings, visit their official website at Micron DDR5 SDRAM Products.


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