Meet the Y2 Fish Tank Chassis, an aquarium on top of your PC components

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Oh and it's a commercial product that is for sale. MetalFish is a Chinese PC case maker, they introduced the Y2 Fish Tank, an unusual case. The English name says it all: it's a chasssi with a real aquarium.

The cabinet dimensions, which are 370 x 250 x 290mm (approximately 27 litres); therefore if half of the cabinet is a fish tank, your fish will have roughly 13 liters of water to swim in. Unfortunately, the company is not adding a liquid cooling loop to the tack but  MetalFish comes with a USB pump/filter/oxygenator for fish maintenance. The tank is constructed with a 5mm glass panel, and the LED lights are set to coexist with the fish and plants, therefore it is unlikely that it will sync with RGB peripherals. The cabinet features its own RGB lighting, which can be switched on and off as well as modified using a remote. The Y2 Fish Tank, like any other PC case, can accommodate a variety of Micro-ATX/Mini-ITX motherboards. Made of 1.5mm thick aluminum alloy, it can hold a single 2.5in drive and has two 90mm fans on the front. We'll need a CPU cooling solution no taller than 90 mm and a video card no more than 220 mm in length. A modest 1U or FlexATX power supply must also be added. In China, the MetalFish Y2 Fish Tank costs less than USD 75.

There's no mention of the fishbowl's effect on the PC, but having such a large thermal mass on top of it may assist keep the PC cool. On the other hand, if we leave the PC on all day, ... we can make a pun about fish and chips :)

Check out the company here.

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