Logitech Adds a New Color to Its High-Quality Blue Brand Microphone (Yeti)

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Logitech announced new colors for the high-quality "Blue Mics" microphones "Yati" and "Yati Nano". 

Yeti White
Yeti, which employs triple capsule technology and can adjust between four forms of directivity — "unidirectional mode," "omnidirectional mode," "stereo mode," and "bidirectional mode" — now comes in the color white. It will be offered in five colors, including the current model. Maximum SPL120dB (THD: 0.5 percent 1kHz), headphone impedance 16, output 130mW, distortion rate 0.009 percent, frequency response 15Hz-22kHz, S/N ratio 100dB. The main body is 120x125x295mm and weighs 550g, while the microphone stand weighs 1,000g.

Yeti Nano Black
The small "Yeti Nano" model that can switch between "unidirectional mode" and "omnidirectional mode" now comes in black. It will be offered in two colors, including the color of the current model. Microphone bit rate of 16bit, sampling rate of 48kHz, frequency responsiveness of 20Hz-20kHz, sensitivity of 4.5mV / PA (1kHz), headphone impedance of 16, output of 50mWrms, distortion rate of 0.009%, frequency response of 15Hz-22kHz, S/N ratio of 100dB. The main body is 96 x 109 x 211 mm and weighs 630 grams.

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