LiteOn offers ZETA Series Consumer SSDs

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LiteOn is the OEM company behind Plextor and LG, and they are addressing the market now with consumer grade products. They are going to offer three SKUs 128 GB (LCH-128V2S), 256 GB (LCH-256V2S), and 512 GB (LCH-512V2S) which are based on the affordable Silicon Motion SM2246EN controller

The products come with a LPDDR3 controller cache of 128 MB, 256 MB, and 512 MB. Nand flash memory wise you are looking at 16 nm MLC NAND flash from SK Hynix.

  • The 128 GB version is slow with 150 MB/s writes
  • The 256 GB version is slightly better at 260 MB/s
  • The 512 GB version manages up-to 430 MB/s.

Their 4K random-access read speeds vary from 68K IOPS 84K IOPS. The sequential rad performance for all three drives however is very decent at 520 MB/s. The products will be released in thr Asia regions first, and we'll have to see when these products make it to the EU and USA markets.

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