LiteOn offers ZETA Series Consumer SSDs

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Should be decent products, they make server grade SSDs.
ide like to know the price of these liteon makes very affordable hardware.
I opened the cover and didn't find any sweets or cigs. But it makes a good SSD. Strange how the speed scales drastically with capacity.
As far as i know, that's normal? The speed decreases because it has less memory modules. For instance, each memory module on the 512Gb do not have the speed of 430 MB/s, it's the combined that has that speed when used all at once. That's how i understand it anyways, could be wrong.
Lol. I thought LiteOn just made super decent but really loud CD/DVD-RW drives. You learn something new every day. BTW I still use LiteOn drives. They are the best (and noisiest) around.