Lian Li New Desk, PC-O10 and New Armorsuit Chassis

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Lian-Li will display a number of new cases, including the recently announced PC-O9 and Ebonsteel series. On top of revealing the next O-series PC-O10 and long-awaited update to the Armorsuit line, Lian Li will also put the spotlight on its computer desk chassis, showcasing the DK-04 standing desk, and unveiling an all-new model.

Visitors to the computex booth can see the DK-04 standing computer desk chassis: an elegant, aluminum computer chassis that doubles as a standing desk for work, or a sitting desk for play. Plus, Lian Li will have a yet-unannounced, all-new DK-series desk chassis in tow. Come take a seat at the desks and try them on for size. Several years ago Lian Li unleashed the Armorsuit line: the no-holds-barred series of aluminum super tower cases with thick panels and massive component clearances. Between large form factor motherboards, robust air and water cooling schemes, multiple-VGA card builds, and elaborate RAID storage arrays - pretty much anything could be built into these cases. Nearly eight years later, Lian Li is thrilled to reveal the next Armorsuit chassis. Get ready to rumble.

The Mysterious PC-O10, Two-Faced PC-O9: An All-Star O-series Lineup
In addition to displaying the recent PC-O9 - the latest of the O-series open-air chassis with beautiful tempered glass windows - Lian Li will reveal the next case to use the "O" name: the PC-O10. Also on display are a number of new updates to the existing cases; the PC-05, PC-06, PC-07, and PC-08 are all now available in white. A pristine new color to highlight pristine computer builds!

New Steel Cases for Builders on a Budget
Lian Li will display its new Ebonsteel series, comprising three recently unveiled steel chassis. This new series adds new affordable options for customers seeking the best value in computer cases. Ebonsteel cases pack great features and convenient build designs - Lian Li quality for a bargain.

Forging New Territory - Peripherals, Water Cooling, Accessories
While known for its premium aluminum cases, Lian Li has been busy broadening its offerings to include many first-ever products for the brand: the TerminAl keyboard&mouse combo, water cooling backplates, USB 3.1 type-C hubs, and SFX small form factor power supplies.

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