Lian Li Launches the V3000 PLUS Case

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LIAN LI Industrial Co. Ltd., a leading manufacturer of chassis and PC accessories, announces the V3000 PLUS, a modular full tower that can be configured to 3 different modes.

Standard mode fits EEB motherboards with a total of 3x 480 mm radiators and 16x storage drives. Rotated mode, the motherboard tray is rotated 90 degrees, maintains the same radiator support, and upright GPU installation. Dual System mode fits the main system with support for up to EEB motherboards, and a secondary with Mini-ITX. The V3000 PLUS is available in black, and in January also in white, at an MSRP of $499.99.

The V3000 PLUS is compatible with EEB motherboards, up to 16x 120 mm fans, 480 mm radiators at the top, front and on the side of the PSU shroud, and a 360 mm radiator above it. A removable top radiator bracket, removable side PSU shroud radiator bracket, and multi-position front radiator bracket ensure easy and safe installation of all the cooling hardware. Even the motherboard tray can be removed for the installation of the main components outside of the case.

Mode 2 - Rotated Mode
In rotated mode, the motherboard tray is installed with the rear I/O located at the PSU shroud, with a pass-through channel for the ports to the rear of the case. Maintaining the same cooling support as in Standard mode, upright GPU mounting is also supported for a tower-like look. This mode allows for a unique PC look and direct ventilation of the GPU from the front panel, ensuring optimal thermal performance.

Mode 3 - Dual System Mode
With the motherboard tray elevated, two systems can be installed in the main chamber of the V3000 PLUS. Up to EEB motherboards on the system 1 tray, and a Mini-ITX motherboard above the PSU shroud. In this configuration, up to 11x 120 mm fans, 2x 480 mm radiators (top and front), and up to a 280 mm radiator (above PSU shroud) can be installed. The rear panel's PSU mounting bracket can be replaced by a dual PSU for ATX and SFX mounting compatibility. The same bracket can support a vertical GPU mounted in the PSU shroud compartment with direct air intake from the side mesh panel.

Extreme Storage
The V3000 PLUS is an ideal solution for data storage with support for up to 16 SSDs/HDDs. Inside the PSU shroud, 2 adjustable drive cages hold 4x HDDs/SSDs each. In the main chamber, up to 4 SSDs can be mounted. Alternatively, the mounting brackets can be removed and the PSU shroud drive cages can be relocated beside the motherboard. And behind the motherboard tray, 4 toolless SSD mounting trays are also available for additional storage.

Additional Accessories
The drive cages can be upgraded with hot-swap drive modules. Each backplate supports 2 drives, with a maximum of 4 hot-swap drive modules supported. For a vertical GPU solution while in Standard mode, a 200 mm riser cable (90-degree to 180-degree connection) additional accessory is available. In the dual system, the second system's GPU in the dual system mode, users can mount their GPU in the PSU shroud compartment with an additional 240 mm riser cable (90-degree to 90-degree connection) accessory.

The V3000 PLUS is available for pre-order starting November 18th, 2022. A white version of the V3000 PLUS will be available in January 2023.

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